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The capital investments presented on this platform are associated with risks. This means that the investor must be capable and willing to bear financial losses, up to the total loss of the invested capital. Privatize does not provide investment recommendations, and no communication, either on this platform or otherwise, should be understood as a recommendation for a specific capital investment. Neither past performance nor forecasts provide reliable indications of future performance. There is no trading venue comparable to a stock exchange for the offered capital investments. The possibility of early liquidation is therefore not guaranteed and is often associated with financial losses. Early termination is only possible to the extent that the contractual provisions of the capital investment expressly allow it. An overview of the specific risks of the particular capital investment can be found in the respective sales prospectus and, if applicable, other provided documents. Before making your investment decision, please carefully read all of these documents and consult an independent and knowledgeable person or institution regarding the economic, legal, and tax implications of the respective investment. Privatize does not provide investment, legal, and/or tax advice.